Pogba Can Captain United In Future – Mourinho

Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho tipped United black Frenchman, Paul Pogba, to be a future Manchester United captain, saying that Pogba has “all the ingredients” to wear the armband.

Pogba is slowly acclimatizing into the Old Trafford environment and growing into the vortex of United’s midfield of play. Reports say he was among the contenders for December’s Player of the Month award after scoring key goals against Crystal Palace and Middlesbrough.


Mourinho believes Pogba is the world’s best midfielder and he is convinced the Manchester United midfielder can challenge for the Ballon d’Or in the future. And while Mourinho is sure Pogba will improve, he’s already convinced the Frenchman is the world’s best midfielder. ‘If the perception change, Paul can win it (the Ballon d’Or) because Paul is not a goal-scorer, Paul is a midfielder,’ he told SFR.

Speaking during his routine press conference before a match, Mourinho was full of praise for Pogba, but insists there should be no added pressure on him to perform. Pogba is the club’s recent record signing and the most expensive player at Old Trafford.

Mourinho also answered a question on Pogba’s leadership qualities (captaining United?) at his press conference ahead of Sunday’s game against old red rivals, Liverpool:


“I think he has. He has the charisma, the ambition, the mentality and he’s a good professional, so I think he has. Being so young and having all the ingredients, I think he can do it.

It’s not fair to say that a player has to be dominant, though. He is playing amazingly well, no doubt about it, but the team is also playing well. What I expect is the team to play well and Paul to be at the level he’s playing at regularly.”

– Jose Mourinho, Manchester United Manager


While I don’t agree with Mourinho that Paul Pogba, being a midfielder, is not a goal scorer or shouldn’t be expected to score goals, which is a wrong assessment of midfielders (because many midfielders score many goals), I also believe that Pogba can win the Ballon d’Or in no too distant future – while at Old Trafford . . .

Up Man U!


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