Forbes: Manchester United Overtake Real Madrid To Become Richest Football Club In The World

Manchester United Now Top Forbes Exclusive Football Rich List

The 2017 Europa League champions and football behemoth, Manchester United, have overtaken record UEFA Champions League winners, Real Madrid, as the most valuable football club in the world, according to Forbes. United were valued at US $3.69 billion (UK £2.86 billion and NGN N1.476 trillion) and returned to the top of the annual list for the first time in five years.


In a statement to the media, Forbes Media assistant managing editor Mike Ozanian, said inter alia:

“Manchester United’s return to the top spot is a testament to their powerful brand and marketing acumen . . .”

United . United win Europa League

Spanish giant, FC Barcelona, came second with $3.64bn (£2.82billion) as another Spanish giant, Real Madrid, was rated $3.58billon (£2.77billon) and went down to third place.

Six English clubs were in the top 10, with Manchester City, Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur joining Manchester United in the Forbes exclusive list.

United . Rich football clubs

German (Bundesliga) champions Bayern Munich were fourth, while Italian title winners Juventus came ninth.

Real Madrid, winners of the Champions League and the Spanish title in the past season, had been top for the past four years. But they saw their value drop by 2% as Manchester United’s went up by 11%.

Forbes’ Top 20 Most Valuable Football Clubs


  1. Manchester United — $3.69bn (£2.86bn)
  2. FC Barcelona — $3.64bn (£2.82bn)
  3. Real Madrid — $3.58bn (£2.77bn)
  4. Bayern Munich — $2.71bn (£2.1bn)
  5. Manchester City — $2.08bn (£1.61bn)
  6. Arsenal — $1.93bn (£1.5bn)
  7. Chelsea — $1.85bn (£1.43bn)
  8. Liverpool — $1.49bn (£1.15bn)
  9. Juventus — $1.26bn (£976m)
  10. Tottenham — $1.06bn (£821m)
  11. Paris St-Germain — $841m (£652m)
  12. Borussia Dortmund — $808m (£626m)
  13. AC Milan — $802m (£621m)
  14. Atletico Madrid — $732m (£567m)
  15. West Ham — $634m (£491m)
  16. Schalke 04 — $629m (£487m)
  17. Roma — $569m (£441m)
  18. Inter Milan — $537m (£416m)
  19. Leicester City — $413m (£320m)
  20. Napoli — $379m (£294m)


Up Man U!

©2017 Madjack United



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