The one and only Swedish summer signing who presently presides over the Theater of Dreams has said it himself! Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Ibra) feels and has said that he has already conquered English football with Manchester United – and it only took him “three months” to do that.

Ibrahimovic is presently Manchester United’s top scorer this footballing season and Ibra is only one behind Chelsea’s Spanish international, Diego Costa, in the race for the Premier League Golden Boot. Ibra said soon after Jose Mourinho signed him that he’ll conquer football at Old Trafford and the City of Manchester in England.

‘What about the prospect of chasing down Chelsea’s Diego Costa’ – ManUtd.com asked him as the encounter with Liverpool looms in the horizon:


“No, I’m not chasing anybody. I’m chasing the head trophy – the Premier League. That is my aim. The individual things come as part of the main objective because that is like a bonus for every individual player.

If the collective does well, then the individuals will do well. I try to help the team and try to do what I’m best at – scoring goals, playing good and creating chances for my team-mates. As long as I can do that, I know I will help my team. The same thing with them, they help me the way they can for the team. I have no individual targets because that I did already, after three months in England. After I conquered England – it took three months.”

– Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Manchester United lead striker


Ibra continued . . .

“We had our dips, our ups and downs when we were winning, losing, winning and losing,” he explained. “Lately, we have been winning, where we have been more stabilised as a team. The coach has found his base, which is not easy when you’re a new coach coming to a new team and want to put in your philosophy, your game and the way you want it to be.

I said from the beginning – slowly, slowly, we will get better and everything was about the click. We needed to click as a team. Now you the see the identity of the team. We are finding each other but I think we can do much more and be much better. And we will do it – we are working hard for it.

The last one and a half months have shown the right way, the gap [at the top] has been bigger but now it’s better. So we are closer to that now. We wait for the other teams to have their dips, to make their mistakes, and we will be there. We will give them hard work until then because I think the second half of the season is the decisive one and that will decide. Whatever you want, wherever you will come, let’s see what we want. I know what we want. We want to show it.”

Mourinho expects to field the Emperor of Manchester for Sunday Jan 15, 2017 showdown with fellow red rivals Liverpool. Ibra is totally convinced that Manchester United cannot be discounted from the English Premier League title race as the fiercely rival encounter with Liverpool approaches in earnest. Victory would leave United only two points behind Chelsea.


Photo: Ibra’s new home (Picture: RightMove)

Manchester United star Zlatan Ibrahimovic is reportedly renting a stunning six-bedroom mansion in Cheshire (photo: above) after his summer transfer to Old Trafford. The former Sweden international had been staying in a hotel in Manchester, but has now settled in this £16,500-a-month pad, according to The Sun. Ibrahimovic is said to be earning a cool £220,000 per week at Manchester United, so this stylish new home is just a drop in the ocean for him.


Emperor Zlatan, Conquerer of England

Ha! Ha!! Ha!!! Ibra is my main man, the Swedish striking maestro! And that’s why I love the Swedes; honestly, I love them, the Swedes! Ibra is the Emperor of Old Trafford, Manchester and England, and he has proved it so far. It took Ibra “three months” to do that . . .

Up Man U!


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