Ronaldo Is Not A Natural Talent – Ibra

Manchester United Swedish striker, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, has said that his favorite Ronaldo is O Fenômeno. Ibrahimovic was referring to the Brazilian World Cup legend: Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima commonly known as Ronaldo and nicknamed ‘O Fenômeno’.

I’m trying to agree with Ibrahimovic on this. Just hearing the name gives me chills, to talk about the first Ronaldo, the Brazilian Ronaldo, is to talk about a player that revolutionized the way the football (soccer) game is played with a fresh perspective.

Even since fellow Brazilian World Cup legend, Manuel Francisco dos Santos, known by the nickname Garrincha danced around soccer fields, no one had dared to dribble in such a way until Ronaldo made his appearance on the rectangular field – also called the football pitch.

Photos L-R: Brazilian Ronaldo & Portugiese Ronaldo (Ronaldo I & Ronaldo II)

A three-time FIFA World Player of the Year (1992, 1997, 2002) and two-time Ballon d’Or recipient (1997, 2002), Ronaldo (O Fenômeno), in his prime, was known for his dribbling at speed, feints and clinical finishing.

Ever since he was growing up in the Rio de Janeiro’s slums enduring extreme poverty, Ronaldo gave signs of the legendary player he would grow up to be – and he was awesome to watch.

Ibrahimovic nicknamed shortly as Ibra feels in his heart that although Real Madrid and Portuguese forward, Cristiano Ronaldo, (ex-Manchester United forward & presently Real Madrid forward) has had an impressive career too, he is a long way off from his Brazilian namesake and Ronaldinho.

Ibra told ESPN Brasil:


“I think Ronaldo, Il O Fenômeno, was the best,

For me, it was an example of what football is. Everything he did something that made you think ‘wow’. The way he dribbled and the way he ran.

Ronaldo was natural, he was born to be what he was. It was not something he trained to become. This type of player is not made, he is born. He is unique.

We [Ronaldinho and Ibrahimovic] played together at AC Milan, but he did not live the best days as before, but I loved it when we played and he was running with his hair messed up, dribbling fast and when he wanted to, he made others look like kids around him.

As for Cristiano Ronaldo, we did not play together. It is different because it is the result of hard training. It is not natural”

– Zlatan Ibrahimovic (a.k.a. Ibra) Manchester United striker

O Fenômeno or no O Fenômeno, though I agree with Ibra on the natural genius of the Brazilian Ronaldo, the fact that the second Ronaldo or the Portuguese Ronaldo or better still, by his real name, Cristiano Ronaldo, once played successfully for Manchester United, my own club, he is dear to my heart and I’m sentimental about it. On that score, I’ll give both Ronaldos, whether Brazilian or Portuguese – kudos, period!

Up Man U!

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