English Premier League | Anfield, Liverpool | Attendance: TBC | Scorers: None


Manchester United

Manchester United

The two red rival teams registered a disappointing zero-zero draw. Liverpool and Manchester United played out a cagey goalless draw in their Premier League match at Anfield in the City of Liverpool. After all the hype and nonsense preceding the so-called battle-royale on Monday night football, the reds and red devils took one point each.

However, in the battle between English football’s fiercest rivals, United’s manager Jose Mourinho was left happier than his counterpart Juergen Klopp because from what I saw, Mourinho came to Anfield to draw Liverpool. Nevertheless, I found the encounter amusing because Mourinho’s United doused Liverpool’s acclaimed attacking pyrotechnics – and it felt good – ha! ha!! ha!!!

Liverpool’s Philippe Coutinho came close to spoiling my day but United disappointed the red fans and made the red devils happy as Liverpool were forced to settle for a point against a resolute Manchester United defensive lineup.


Photo: Jose Mourinho made two changes for United by starting Marouane Fellaini (C)

United legend Ryan Giggs singled out Ander Herrera for special praise after Manchester United battled to a goalless draw with Liverpool at Anfield. The Red Devils prevented Liverpool from registering a shot on target in the first half as Daniel Sturridge failed to have an impact. Jurgen Klopp turned to England international Adam Lallana in the 60th minute as the Liverpool manager looked to break down a resolute United defence at Anfield.

This matchup was Mourinho’s first taste of Manchester United’s historic rivalry where two world-class saves from David De Gea proved pivotal. Monday night’s match was largely an even contest throughout with the teams fashioning a few chances to score, particularly in the livelier second half when De Gea’s athletic ability enabled him to deny Emre Can and Philippe Coutinho with astonishing acts of goalkeeping.

Despite Liverpool’s rousing rendition of the club anthem You’ll Never Walk Alone, which may have unnerved United players playing in a  frenzied atmosphere which was sound-tracked by Liverpool management, United came out intact. I believe that if United had gone out all the way (as usual) to attack fully, leaving the back flank slightly open, Liverpool would have destroyed United with a staccato of goals! Mourinho simply came to draw without wanting to be overambitious or overzealous.


Photo: Paul Pogba (R) was a disappointing no. 10 on Monday night football

Mourinho made two changes to his team by starting Marouane Fellaini and Ashley Young in midfield, but his decision to play Paul Pogba as a number 10 was perhaps his most notable alteration. The Frenchman, who had previously been sent off at Anfield in a feisty FA Youth Cup tie, appeared to relish his greater freedom by positioning himself high up the pitch, almost as a second striker at times – but he failed woefully as a number 10 on Monday.

My post-match ratings: Philippe Coutinho close to scoring; Paul Pogba disappointing all the way. Spanish goal minder, David De Gea’s incredible save after Philippe Coutinho’s brilliant Shot left me ecstatic. De Gea’s amazing save against Coutinho was a marvel to watch. The two reds drew amicably.

I think that Manchester United came, saw, didn’t conquer but kept Liverpool’s much acclaimed attacking pyrotechnics at bay . . .

Up Man U!


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