Why I left Manchester United after Mourinho’s arrival – Giggs

It was not supposed to be like this, of course. Ryan Giggs is one of the few people for whom the overused term “Manchester United legend” is genuinely fitting. But, having been at the Theater of Dreams since 1987 – longer than many of United’s supporters have been alive – was it actually time for the Welshman to move on to pastures new? It was a given and he had said so – he looked to build his own managerial career.

Discussing the acquisition of super youngster footballer, Anthony Martial, as he prepared to introduce Ryan Giggs, former boss Louis Van Gaal said, per Sky Sports: “I have not bought Martial for me. I have bought him for the next manager of Manchester United. And I feel I am introducing the next manager of Manchester United.”

It was an emotional thing for me because I had Ryan Giggs in mind and I believed Giggs was going to be our new boss at Old Trafford after Van Gaal was given the boot much to my chagrin and utter disappointment.

United board shouldn’t have sacked Van Gaal but that’s history. But United behaved like a small regional club when they did that. Then, having made that ill-advised move which I found immature, why not Giggs? Why didn’t Ryan Giggs take over the reins from Van Gaal? Then Jose Mourinho came along like the New York real estate billionaire maverick, Donald Trump, who in a brazen bravado of sorts, hijacked the U.S. Republican Party from the GOP establishment.


Photo L-R: Boss, Jose Mourinho & would have been boss, Ryan Giggs | AP

Now back to Giggs. Giggs had spent his playing career under club legend and icon, Sir Alex Ferguson and later got on-the-job training from the man responsible for what Jonathan Wilson called “coaching’s greatest seminar,” – Van Gaal himself. Well, Giggs left and moved on and that made me very very sad.

Manchester United Legend, Ryan Giggs has explained why he left Manchester United after the arrival of Jose Mourinho.

The Walsh international spent almost 3 decades at Old Trafford as a player and a coach but rejected the offer to serve under the former Real Madrid boss.

The former Whale captain told Manchester evening news that he made the right decision not to continue working at United and is now looking for a head coaching position elsewhere.

“It was the right time. There was a new manager and a new coaching staff. It was a brilliant two years education wise, but it was a tough two years. I was ready for a break away from football”, he said

Giggs, 42, still searches for job but still sustains the dream to manage Manchester United someday.

He added, “I ’ve always said for me, and for most people, you always want to manage the club you’ve played at. I agree with him.

Giggs continued: “If you ask Steven Gerrard, he will want to manage Liverpool or England , and it ’s the same for me with United and Wales. I played at United for so long, if the opportunity came to manage them it would be the ultimate.”


I’m trying to leave with Jose Mourinho. I hope to survive his rein but I can assure my readers, the opportunity will come for Ryan Giggs to manage the ultimate football club in the world, Manchester United – mark my words . . .

Up Man U!

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