United fan’s custom-made ‘Pogbahimovic’ shirt debuts online

Manchester United’s Swedish striker, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and new midfield home-comer, Paul Pogba, who have both effortlessly settled into life at Old Trafford are presently making waves outside the football pitch – online! Manchester United fans are keen to show their appreciation for the two summer arrivals.

But, with the price of a Manchester United home or away shirt complete with name and number coming in at around £70 (70 quids) these days, it isn’t easy for the average Manchester United supporter to pay homage to both outstanding stars with two separate Manchester United shirts – with famous names inscribed.

That might explain, then, the thought process behind one Manchester United shirt that is doing the rounds online which attempts, in its own unique way, albeit, unconventionally, to represent Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Paul Pogba in equal measure.

The blue Manchester United shirt was proudly displayed on Instagram on Wednesday morning by a user under the name martin_steblovnik.

United . Pogba & Ibrahimovic

Photos L-R: The combined names of 2 United stars, Pogba & Ibrahimovic, inscribed on a United away shirt with POGBAHIMOVIC | Paul Pogba & Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Taking inspiration from the much debated half-and-half scarves often seen around football grounds these days, he came up with this garment-crazy or shall I say, shirt contraption (above: left) inscribed with the combined names of two Manchester United’s new signings, ‘Pogba’ and ‘Ibrahimovic’ co-joined as follows: POGBAHIMOVIC.

What a display of ingenuity in cutting the cost of owning a Manchester United memento, if I may say so!
Up Man U!

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