Fellaini goes out to dine with twin brother despite hair-pulling incident

Manchester United midfielder Marouane Fellaini went out to town with his lookalike twin brother. From the look of things, Fellaini didn’t look too bothered or perturbed by his air-bound  clash with Leicester City defender Robert Huth. The twin Fellaini went out to dine (with his equally twin brother – Mansour, who had his arm in a sling) – at trendy Manchester House in Spinningfields in the City of Manchester in England.

To be honest, I didn’t know that Fellaini is a twin to begin with. What a pleasant surprise to me that the heavy hair-covered midfielder has an equally identical heavy hair-covered twin brother.

The 28-year-old Belgian had his heavy hair pulled on Sunday in the first half by Robert Huth in an encounter near the opponents’ perimeter during the Manchester United vs Leicester Barclays Premier League clash at Old Trafford which ended in a miserable 1-1 draw for United. In utter human response à la boss Louis Van Gaal, Fellaini caught the German – who was standing behind him – on the jaw in the first half of the clash between the Reds and the Premier League leaders at the Theater of Dreams.

Feliani right & twin brother left

Photo: Marouane Fellaini (right) & twin brother Mansour Fellaini (left) as Fellaini takes his twin brother out to dine in Manchester, England . Pic by Eamonn & James Clarke.

The pair had been grappling for position in the Leicester penalty area at a United throw-in with Huth looping his arm round Fellaini’s neck then grabbing a fist-full of his distinctively bushy hair.

Referee Michael Oliver missed the incident but the United man – and possibly Huth – could face retrospective action from the FA.

From the photo above, I doubt very much whether Fellaini gives a damn.

Up Man U!


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