Van Gaal Grabs Reporter’s Hair After United vs. Leicester draw

Manchester United midfielder, Marouane Fellaini, once again found himself on the hair of an aggressive exchange during the Barclays Premier League clash at Old Trafford, as he and Leicester defender Robert Huth got a little too close for comfort – in the air.

As a result, Fellaini may be set for a ban after an off-the-ball incident with Leicester’s defender, Robert Huth. Huth had in the course of his defensive role – pulled Fellaini’s hair as they both struggled for ball possession in the air.

Fellaini reacts to Huth's hair pulling

Photos: Manchester United’s Marouane Fellaini  (red jersey) & Leicester City’s Robert Huth (blue jersey) jostle for the ball. Huth pulls Fellaini’s hair & Fellaini reacts with an elbow lash.

Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal (LVG) in a post-match press conference came to Fellaini’s defence as he defended Fellaini by pulling a journalist’s hair following United’s 1-1 draw with Leicester City on Sunday afternoon.

Replays and photos later showed Huth grabbing the Belgian’s hair while jostling for position at a corner, and Fellaini reacted by lashing out with his elbow.

When LVG was asked to comment on the situation, he reacted by asking the reporter how he’d feel in such a situation and pulling on his hair, as journalist Kristof Terreur revealed.

Van Gaal happy with FA Cup progress

Louis Van Gaal

Once the Dutchman got his hands back to himself, he said that Fellaini shouldn’t be given a ban for the fracas with Huth, as his reaction was only “human.”

On Fellaini ban? “I expect first that Huth should get a lot. Fellaini is reacting like a human. If I grab your hair, you should do also” LVG blurted out to reporters.

 Kyle Bonn of NBC Sports reported the Fellaini-Huth encounter as follows, below:

During the first half of Manchester United’s match with Leicester City at Old Trafford on Sunday, Marouane Fellaini and Robert Huth had a confrontation during a corner. Replays showed that Huth grabbed Fellaini’s hair at the same time the Belgian threw an elbow at the Leicester defender. Van Gaal was obviously focused on Huth’s misgivings.

In an attempt to convey his feelings, Van Gaal grabbed Shreeves’ hair, saying, “When you see what Huth is doing with Fellaini, that’s a penalty. Shall I grab you with your hair, what is your reaction? Your hair is much shorter than Fellaini’s, but when I do that, what are you doing then?”

Watch LVG’s post-match press conference, below:

Up Man U!


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