As January 2016 window closed: Guardiola, Mourinho or Van Gaal?

Towards the end of the January 2016 window for football clubs to buy players and/or managers, a racket about who or which of the upscale football coaches and managers will be heading to or from Old Trafford ensued in earnest.

It was either Pep Guardiola, Jose Mourinho or Van Gaal? What a racket in the British Press that was! And I was patently disgusted with the British Press and many of the Manchester United fans. Nobody gave any thought to Ryan Giggs!

British Press 2

I have never seen supporters of a great and mighty football club so fickle-minded in my entire life on this planet earth.

These ‘fans and supporters’, under the spell of the British Press lost their minds.

Chelsea FC is dithering and struggling to survive somewhere around or not far away from the red zone (relegation zone) in the Barclays Premier League table – and “The Almighty Blues” got there under the ‘un-Special One’ and his much-acclaimed coaching and managerial abilities in football management. He was ultimately fired by the reclusive (ex-Governor of Chukotka; in office 2000-2008) Russian billionaire owner of Chelsea, Roman Abramovich.

According to Forbes, Abramovich’s net worth in 2015 was US$ 7.8 billion. This makes him the 12th richest person in Russia, and the 137th richest person in the world.

The fact remains that what an investor of Abramovich’s calibre and status in various lucrative international business investments and football club ownership discarded for Chelsea is what some naive Manchester United fans want for Manchester United. What a rush!

Van Gaal & Ryan Giggs

Photo L-R: Louis Van Gaal & Ryan Giggs, Van Gaal’s protege.

Manchester United is a football club steeped in tradition and we should not allow some minor setbacks on the field of play to make our thinking faculties warped. The various and numerous infractions, confrontations, fights, pushing and shoving, bad-mouthing, sometimes unruly behavior etc., of the so-called Special or Chosen One, will mostly be anathema to the cherished tradition of history and legend accustomed to Manchester United. Those kinds of behaviors will make some United legends, Sir Alex Ferguson, Sir Bobby Charlton (photo below: L-R) among them, queasy.

The question towards the closing hours of the January window was: Guardiola to Manchester United? Jose Mourinho? Ryan Giggs? Manager Dilemma!

What a rush, again!!

Pep Guardiola’s confirmed impending arrival at Manchester City sent some Man United fans to ‘cloud nine’ and they wanted Man United to replicate Guardiola’s arrival at City, next door, by producing our own big beast, Jose Mourinho, at Old Trafford, or maybe stick to the United way and give club legend, Ryan Giggs (photo: below), the reins when Louis van Gaal goes.

Man U . Ryan Giggs

Now Pep is gone to City, my contention is, whether Jose or any other big name manager from the east or west, or even from the north or south, after Louis Van Gaal’s tenure at Old Trafford, the next manager is Ryan Giggs. That’s the United way! Period!

To underscore my disgusted guts with all the racket and hullabaloo about another Manager coming to the Theater of Dreams, besides Ryan Giggs after Van Gaal, please watch the video footage below and see what I mean . . .

In this video the man was discussing the “manager dilemma’ at Manchester United!

Watch below to understand my disgusted guts with the British Press.

Up Man U!


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