Van Gaal called Sun journalist Custis, ‘fat man’, after Rooney criticism: Custis reacts

Van Gaal called The Sun reporter, Neil Custis, a ‘fat man’ during the post-match news conference following Tuesday’s 3-3 draw with Newcastle United.

Custis had mockingly admonished Manchester Evening News reporter Stuart Mathieson for asking about Wayne Rooney, mimicking the Dutchman’s reaction to the question.

Van Gaal noticed Custis’ behavior as he was about to leave the press room and turned around and said to Custis, “you too, fat man, there“, (pointing towards Neil Custis). Custis’ voice was heard responding, “thank you”, before Van Gaal eventually made his exit.

Video footage of Van Gaal’s comments went viral on social media and Custis has now reacted to Van Gaal’s comments. Custis wrote in The Sun, as follows, below:

“You are right Louis, I am fat. I had a knee operation four months ago that stopped me running and going to the gym. That has resulted in me putting on nearly two stone.

But I am trying to get it all off by having a dry January and calm February and a personal trainer. At least I can hold my hand up to my own failings. Shame others can’t”

– Neil Custis, reporter, The Sun

Custis may have reacted in the most shameful way, above, but he is still a shameless journalist reporting for the Sun.

Neil Custis! you’re still a fat man!


Watch the Dutchman decimate The Sun reporter, below:

Up Man U!

Man U . Louis van Gaal 2

Madjack United


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