Gigg’s Succession Assured As Glazers Retain Van Gaal

Van Gaal & Ryan Giggs.jpg

The Glazers have agreed to stick to their principles, and patiently await the succession of Ryan Joseph Giggs to the helm at Old Trafford – after Louis Van Gaal’s tenure.

Reports reaching my newsroom indicate that Louis van Gaal has been given a stay of execution of the alleged and purported plan (or rumor by the British press, if you ask me) to oust the flying Dutchman from Old Trafford. Van Gaal has been reportedly given the Manchester United Promise by executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward.

The latest report is that Manchester United have told manager Louis van Gaal his position is safe at Old Trafford and there are “no plans” to sack him as they intend for Ryan Giggs to succeed the Dutchman, when he is ready to go.

Manchester United is a club steeped in tradition, an established world iconic institution that continues to endear me.

The attempt(s) by iconoclasts to denigrate that embedded historic antecedents have failed. It befuddles the mind when people get overtly impatient with results, setbacks and/or bad times – all of a sudden.

The team loses 4, 5, or whatever straight games in a row, successively, and the football heavens are expected to fall because of historic stats having been dismantled. What about the good times, huh?

Jonathan Northcroft of the Sunday Times reported that the owners of the Red Devils have passed on their assurances to the current boss, as executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward and the Glazer family want the former playing legend as the next Old Trafford coach.

Van Gaal & Ryan Giggs eye each other as Chicharito misses a penalty.png

The board are reportedly willing to let the opportunity of hiring Jose Mourinho slip through their fingers, sticking to the plan they formulated when Ryan Giggs was made LVG’s assistant 18 months ago in 2014.

The dalliance with the Jose Mourinho rumored-encore after Louis Van Gaal at Old Trafford by iconoclasts has been finally laid to rest.

Now, Van Gaal can concentrate on revving the slow but steady rise in positive field play of the Red Devils – especially after the Chelsea draw and the Swansea winner.

In retrospect, the hiring of David Moyes was an aberration. Manchester United is a very big club steeped in the long-term development of stable football play, not immediate-unearned short victories capable of dissipating into defeats, sooner than later. Hiring Moyes in the first place was a mistake, ab initio, and firing him after a season was an act in self-immolation.

Old Trafford was simply too big for Moyes – especially coming from a small club like Everton – the transition was never complete until the Welshman was fired. Hiring Louis Van Gaal – a big fish who swam to the Theater of Dreams – an institution of football (a very big fish) in the world of football was and is still the right thing – despite setbacks.

The now-revealed Glazers’ intention to stick to the succession plan is welcome as this is the proper succession plan for Manchester United. I don’t think that we need quick fixes to our footballing, coaching, training and/or team-selection problems. Jose Mourinho fitted that quick fix and he wouldn’t have fitted into the ethos of Manchester United. He is too controversial, and established institutions are averse to controversy – however positive.


Ryan Giggs has been understudying Louis Van Gaal and in retrospect, he learnt a lot under the master himself – Sir Alex Ferguson – as one of Sir Alex’s star players of yore. Giggs would undoubtedly receive the full support of the Old Trafford faithful if he lands the job, although some pundits believe that it’s questionable if he has the experience to be a success in the hot seat.

I think that by the time the flying Dutchman exits, the Welshman wil be ready to take the step up. Hot seat or not, Ryan Giggs will make a success at the helm, being a red devil himself and he grew under the ethos of the club.

Van Gaal stays at Old Trafford!

Up Man U!


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