Is Diego Simeone coming to Old Trafford? No!

Van Gaal . Poor Van Gaal

Manchester United is always linked to some gossipy stuff or stupid rumors about this or that. The British press is always willing albeit without invitation or sought-advice to chip in their unwanted and annoying opinions and preferences disguised as rumors.

These people want to sell their newspapers by hook or crook, especially with their numbers being depleted by the internet revolution. The future is online, in cyberspace and that is where the information age is headed – realtime – but they’ll never relent in their myopic efforts to manage and “run” Manchester United for the real Board, manager and/or staff.

Where the latest rumor about Louis Van Gaal’s job being on the line again came from beats my imagination – especially after the last mischievous failed attempts to recruit the Chelsea castaway and castoff, Jose Mourinho, who as far as I am concerned, now – is the “Unemployed One” not the “Special One” or the “Chosen One” any longer. (Photo above: Poor old Van Gaal, 2nd from right)

Today’s biggest transfer news in the forever gossipy British press concerns poor old Louis van Gaal, once again. Someone is being linked with his job again. Again!!!

According to The Sun, a British tabloid newspaper, several Manchester United players believe Atletico Madrid manager Diego Simeone (photo above: left) will be their new boss at Old Trafford.

Which Manchester United player or players spoke to The Sun? Who?

Louis Van Gaal (photo above: right) shouldn’t be distracted from his preparations to defeat Swansea City on Saturday January 2, 2016.

These shenanigans by some British press to micro-manage the affairs of other people and/or their organizations especially football clubs has got to stop – forthwith!

If a newspaper must sell, please, by all means, sell on true and verifiable news stories and reports from identifiable and credible sources instead of delving into gossip journalism devoid of investigative journalism.

Since the British press’ Mourinho “recruitment” for Manchester United failed woefully, the unsolicited recruiters have crafted another Van Gaal replacement in their “recruitment drive” for the biggest and richest club in the world. It’s all in their journalistically depraved mindsets.

Van Gaal . Is he poiting at the British press?

Photo: Louis Van Gaal . Is he pointing & warning the British press?

For the umpteenth time, Aloysius Paulus Maria “Louis” van Gaal is not resigning from Manchester United; he is not going to be sacked; and he is not going anywhere until his contract expires as and when due.

For Christ’s sake, the desperate British press should leave Van Gaal alone to do his job without media harassment at Old Trafford. The January window is for players’ transfers not for managers’ transfers.

We have a match against Swansea City to win on Saturday January 2, 2016 at Old Trafford. Let Van Gaal concentrate!

Up Man U!

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