Man United v Chelsea: ‘Dare to play football’ – Van Gaal tells his players

Embattled Man United boss, Louis Van Gaal, has urged his players to “dare to play football” when they host Chelsea in what could prove a pivotal game in the manager’s career at Old Trafford.

The boss is still suffering from the aftershocks of the Stoke defeat; and if current rumors are to be believed, then he has one game left to decide his career at the Theater of Dreams. That game is Manchester United vs. Chelsea – at home in Old Trafford.

I was amazed when just before the start of the second half of the Man United vs. Stoke game, the Premier League TV’s studio anchor (I can’t remember his name) blurted out with relish that “Whether Van Gaal likes it or not, his job is on the line”. I was disappointed with that man.

Who is he to say that? He is not a member of the Board of Manchester United FC or any of its footballing businesses – he is just a sportscaster that should report the sport without bias. What a rush!

Aloysius Paulus Maria “Louis” van Gaal, is still the boss of Manchester United until, either he resigns like he hinted, or maybe, the owners of Manchester United will fire him.

The Dutchman even suggested after the Stoke match that he could consider stepping down should United lose at Old Trafford on Monday, rather than face the sack, although he remains in charge for the time being.

With just two days to recover both physically and mentally after the Stoke loss, Van Gaal has called on his players to be brave against the Premier League champions, who are unbeaten in five against United.

‘Dare to play football’ he told his players . . .

Up Man U!


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