Is Memphis a Peruvian flute player?

Former Ajax head coach Co Adriaanse described Manchester United’s no 7 shirted winger, Memphis Depay, as “a Peruvian flute player” for his flamboyant dress sense.

Photos: Memphis with gal pal, Karrueche Tran.

Recently Memphis Depay who prefers to be called Memphis (dropping temporarily his last name, Depay) has said that Man United’s assistant coach Ryan Giggs did not reprimand him for his earlier publicized about town forays, behavior and dress sense. 

It is no news that Memphis’ form for United since his pre-season transfer has been inconsistent, causing his place in Louis van Gaal’s starting XI to come under threat. When Memphis newly arrived Old Trafford, he was hailed as the next best player to replace, maybe, Cristiano Ronaldo, or something to that effect – however after a few matches, the Netherlands international who inspired PSV to the Eredivisie title last season dropped in form like Fernando Torres in Chelsea after his transfer from Liverpool.

It is not news either that Memphis went partying or clubbing, I can’t remember which one now, and hanged out at a time with gal pal, Karrueche Tran, especially (as the gist went) after a Man United defeat which reportedly riled Van Gaal. It was also reported that Van Gaal was so incensed that he called Giggs and told him that he doesn’t want to slap somebody (i.e. Memphis) that he’d better talk sense into Memphis’ head before he goes bonkers.

Photos: Memphis’ gal pals & Memphis showing off his autographed shoe.

How can that boy go about town clubbing after a Man United defeat? Like I said, I can’t now remember which Premier League club defeated Man United that day but Memphis was spotted about town the night of that defeat day.

Some other reports indicated that Memphis went clubbing that day after a Man United win or victory, not defeat – and he went partying after a Man United win with his gold teeth.

Whichever and whatever, but did Giggs chastise or accost him and told him to behave and also to dress properly as a Manchester United player? (considering the image and position of Man United in the footballing world?). 

Photos: Memphis on the pitch & out in town with his fake golden teeth.

Well, let us hear Memphis, himself, on the earlier news reports from the British press and his recent retort, below:

“The funny thing is, since I came to England, I’ve only been out one time. One time! But recently I read that Ryan Giggs has accosted me about my reputation as a ‘party-boy’ and stuff. It’s total nonsense! Completely made up!

Often I think: ‘Just let me do this. Let me wear the clothes I want to wear.’ Why is everyone making such a big deal out of that? What is this all about? Just let me. I’m also just a 21-year-old boy.

Why should I adjust? Some people collect stamps; I like fashion, discovering nice new things. I feel good about doing that. If I were to put on what you wanted me to put on, I wouldn’t be myself anymore”

– Memphis, Manchester United Winger

Watch Memphis below with his goals, skills and assists since he came to Old Trafford:

Well, from the Dutch boy himself, he is definitely not a Peruvian flute player but a Manchester United player.

Up Man U!

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