Rooney jumpstarts ‘crisis talks’ with Van Gaal

The recurrent defeats of Man United has put the flying Dutchman, Louis Van Gaal, on the spot.

The so-called ‘Louis Van Gaal Crisis Talks’ was reportedly held by the skipper, Wayne Rooney, in the reported ‘showdown time’ talks with manager Louis van Gaal at Old Trafford.

This came in the wake of our 2-1 defeat to Norwich City last weekend. Some older players like Chris Smalling, Juan Mata and Michael Carrick are in cahoots with Rooney and they all co-joined to discuss the crisis with Van Gaal.

Man U . Dejected players after exit from Champions League

Photo: The face of yet, another defeat.

The players together voiced their concerns with the almost predictable Man United defeats especially in the hands and legs of lesser competitors in the Premier League.

All these are coming in the wake of Jose Mourinho’s ouster from Chelsea. Rumors and press tit bits are everywhere of the Portuguese man’s un-attachment to any club in pari passu with Man United’s footballing travails.

The fixtures below show our matches for the remainder of the year 2015 and January 2016. Our footballing sojourn in the Premier League and FA Cup third round will show whether we’ll come back or continue to falter.

Manchester United Fixtures

December 2015

Premier League Stoke Man Utd Sat 26 Dec 12:45
Premier League Man Utd Chelsea Mon 28 Dec 17:30

January 2016


Premier League Man Utd Swansea Sat 2 Jan 15:00
FA Cup – Third Round Man Utd Sheff Utd Sat 9 Jan 17:30
Premier League Newcastl Man Utd Tue 12 Jan 19:45
Premier League LiverpoolMan Utd Sun 17 Jan 14:05
Premier League Man Utd Southampton Sat 23 Jan 15:00

The above fixtures are not so troublesome or unsurmountable for the red devils if you ask me. I also subscribe to the view or position that Van Gaal should ease up on some of his major systemized procedures, regulations and his avowed processing of a rigid schedule of backroom management style. That is the only way we can survive in the above fixtures.

Van Gaal’s predicament may be summed up below:

1. His hard-line training methods.

2. His strict regime and tactics.

3. His crippling overtraining method

The first point leads to constant player-fatigue, the second shows on matchdays and gives no room for individual-player expression in the field of play while the third creates a regular injury list.

Mourinho’s shadow may be hovering over Old Trafford and it will continue to hover above. It will not land on the Theater of Dreams because there is no vacancy at Old Trafford.


I do not subscribe to the view that Manchester United can do with any ‘Chosen One’ or ‘Special One’. Jose Mourinho (photo) can look elsewhere for a football coaching/managerial job.

According to Neil Ashton of the Daily Mail, the recently sacked Blues boss is “angling” for the job at Old Trafford, but the Red Devils’ hierarchy “are reluctant to dance to the Portuguese coach’s tune.”

That’s music to my ears.

I was happy to hear that my great club is presently seeking to pull together in an attempt to try to turn the campaign around, with Van Gaal reportedly now willing for there to be more communication between the players and the coaching staff.

That’s how it should be in a great club. I still believe that Manchester United will pull through sooner than later – as we trudge on in the remaining part of this footballing season in the Barclays Premier League.

Up Man U!


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