Mourinho sacking sets off manager-sacking fever – Whither Van Gaal?

The sacking of Jose Mourinho by Chelsea FC has set off a frantic merry-go-round and panic among Europe’s star coaches – with the spotlight now falling on Manchester United  – Whither Louis Van Gaal?

The English Premier League is the most popular football, soccer or sports league in the world; also, richest and fastest growing sports league in the world. Another panic that Mourinho’s sack generated was the future or at least the immediate presence of some of the football managers in the Barclays Premier League.

Some of the teams are not doing well – competing at below par in pari passu with the short or long checkered reign of their managers and also, most importantly, the historical status of the Football Clubs themselves in the game – at both the national and international levels of football, especially in continental Europe.

Manchester United falls into this short or long checkered reign of its manager, Louis Van Gaal and the historical status of Manchester United as the most successful football club in the world. Manchester United recently exited from the UEFA Champions League in a dramatic manner that shocked me to the bone marrow. 

Wither Louis Van Vaal in this manager or coach-sacking fever generated by the sacking or ouster of The Great One who metamorphosed suddenly to The Not So Great One after his sack yesterday? Mourinho, 52, was relieved of his duties by the Stamford Bridge management – under directives by Chelsea’s owner – Roman Abramovich.

For José Mourinho, from my own perspective, success was a sign of his greatness, but failure was someone else’s fault – and that’s how the former Great One functioned at Stamford Bridge in London.

Other big names in the game who may be having sleepless nights or pretending that they’re sleeping so soundly include such big managers as Louis Van Gaal (of Man United) who are also said to be at risk. Man United went out ignominiously out of the Champions League at the group stage and our 2-1 defeat at Bournemouth last week left us in fourth place in the Premier League — six points behind the leaders, Leicester City.

With pressure growing at Old Trafford, Van Gaal’s methods, tactics and team selections all face mounting scrutiny.

While reacting to the Jose Mourinho sacking by Roman Abramovich, Van Gaal acknowledged Friday that no manager is safe from a sudden sacking.

Van Gaal said, inter alia:



“Yes, it is like that. But we know that in advance. Also Jose knows that. This is the world”

– Loius Van Gaal, Manchester United Manager


Well, from my own perspective as a Man United fan and avid supporter, I don’t think it’s time to say good bye to Van Gaal yet but – Whither Van Gaal?.

Up Mau U!


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