Is there Mutiny on the Bounty at Old Trafford?

Man U . 'Mutiny on the Bounty' poster used in article on Madjack United

“Mutiny on the Bounty” is an American 1935 movie based on the voyage of a ship. HMS Bounty leaves England in 1787 on a two-year voyage over the Pacific Ocean. 

The ship’s captain is a brutal tyrant who routinely administers harsh punishment to officers and crew alike who lack discipline, cause any infraction on board the ship, or in any manner defy his authority.

My readers will be wondering whether I’m going on a voyage. Well, Mark Lawford of Yahoo! Sports asked nobody in particular whether mutiny has started at Manchester United? Lawford went ahead to say that an unhappy player slammed Louis Van Gaal (LVG) for ‘not being fair on him or the fans’

There is a story out there that a Manchester United player told a British national newspaper journalist he is being held back by Louis van Gaal’s tactics.

Daily Telegraph sports writer Jason Burt told BBC 5 Live that an “un-named” player has told him that he is only “half the player he can be under Louis van Gaal.”

You can see why I alluded to the American movie ‘Muting on the Bounty’ to analyze the latest gist circulating within the print and virtual media. I’ve heard talks of Man United fans and not a few players loathing Van Gaal’s introduced playing style at United.

I want to make it unequivocally clear that Van Gaal did not sign a contract to please Man United fans, the players or anybody for that matter. If any player cannot express himself properly and finds it very difficult to play at Old Trafford, then he should please go where he can function without discipline and will be at liberty to cause infractions and defy the authority of his coach or manager.

Jason Burt added that United’s young, up-and-coming stars such as Mempis Depay and Anthony Martial, (photos: above) do “absolutely not” feel they can raise their concerns with the manager. Burt cannot distract LVG no matter how he tries. The most vicious press against LVG is the British press with there journalistic impunity.

Which concern or concerns is Burt referring to? While not holding brief for LVG, I must say that Man United’s latest playing style (‘ball-possession’) is the style of the future. I cannot say it enough that you have to possess the ball before you can do something with it.

I agree that the present crop of Man United players are yet to use it effectively upfront in the opponents’ vulnerable areas of play but slow and steady wins any race. It is only natural that new methods of doing things are wont to attract opposition, opprobrium and/or objections, etc.

We face a battle to qualify for the knockout stages of the Champions League but victory against Leicester at the weekend will send us top of the Premier League table.

You see, Manchester City lost their Champions League matchup to PSG at home and away, not because Man City is going to crash but that football is a funny game devoid of permutations and mathematical calculations. The better side at any time of gameplay wins the match.

I believe in LVG’s style of play and I also believe that it is a style of play or tactics that will endure overtime at Old Trafford. Man U fans should please relax and watch the red devils play the football of the future and stop wanting quick fixes to the game of football.

Many soccer pundits and Man United fans regard van Gaal’s tactics as negative and boring and many also have been demanding the Dutchman is sacked despite the on-pitch successes achieved so far. At the height of Chelsea, the blues were “boring” (‘Boring Chelsea’) but they grabbed the EPL trophy while boring everyone, to boot.

That is their own cup of tea. LVG met an aging squad without any future prospects, a dilapidating squad left behind by the greatest football manager, Sir Alex Ferguson, who towards the end of his coaching and managing career was more interested in exiting to retirement in a full blaze of glory; winning his very last trophy before riding into the sunset.

Sir Alex eventually rode into the sunset in style but he left behind a mess currently being cleaned up by the flying Dutchman; and he is cleaning up the stable at Old Trafford.

Manchester United is definitely not on a voyage à la the American movie, ‘Mutiny on the Bounty’. There is no mutiny at Old Trafford – but if there is – then it cannot be different from any manager managing human beings.

Manchester United is still one of the biggest clubs, richest, quoted on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: MANU) and doing well in the stock market, still in the UEFA Champions League and is no. 2 on the Premier League table. What else do these people want?

There is no mutiny on the bounty at Old Trafford.

There is Bounty ! but no Mutiny !!

Up Man U!


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