Scholes criticizes Van Gaal’s possession play: I don’t agree

Man U . Paul Scoles & Van Gaal

Manchester United great, Paul Scholes, has continued his war of words with Man United manager, Louis van Gaal (photo: L-R).

Scholes has said that the current crop of players need to stop focusing on Van Gaal’s philosophy and start playing attacking football.

Of course, the flying Dutchman did not agree with Scholes and criticized his comments and insisted his side do take risks. However, the former England international is sticking to his original assessment, saying:

“It hasn’t been great for 13 months, but I better not say too much because Louis might be listening,” Scholes said at a charity event at Hotel Football.

There’s been talk of a philosophy, a process. For me, Manchester United don’t need a philosophy.

The fans want to see attacking football and goals – that’s the Manchester United way.”

Paul Scholes, Ex-Man united great

I don’t agree with Scholes at all. The future of football (soccer) is hinged on how you hold the ball and also how you dictate the field of play with your ball possession.

Louis Van Gaal

Paul Scholes should stop distracting Van Gaal (photo: above). Scholes should just be moot and watch the Dutchman guide Man United to the height of European football.

Ball possession is the style of play of Arsenal and it has taken the gunners far – despite a dearth of trophies.

However, ball possession is the style of play of one of the greatest football clubs (and team) in the world – FC Barcelona.

This Van Gaal style is welcome at Old Trafford – if you ask me.

The present crop of players are slowly getting used to Van Gaal’s philosophy of organized football play. Attacking options are the key and if the players blend ball possession (which they’ve now become used to) with attacking football, then the red devils will rule the English Premier League (EPL) and the European Champions League. (UEFA)

Up Man U!

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