I am a red devil

Man U . Banner logo

My name is Nnamdi Ebo, I’m a red devil.

I’m a die-hard Manchester United fan based in Abuja the federal capital of Nigeria.

I chose Madjack United as the name of this my website.

The word united is unique because it is attached to the name of the most popular football (soccer) or sports club in the world.

My friends called me Madjack in my undergraduate years at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN) and they still call me that up till now.

As far as I’m concerned Manchester United or Man United or Man U AND Madjack United are one and the same.

The former is a football club in the English Premier League contesting in the Champions League (UEFA) and the latter is an ardent fan of the former.

I’m Nnamdi Ebo or Madjack or Madjack United – all rolled into one.

This is my first posting on this Man U fan site and I intend to thrill you and every one with the latest news, stories (about the emporium of football, where stars are made – Old Trafford, the ‘Theater of Dreams’), gossips, triumphs, victories and of-course the defeats of my club – Man United.

This site, website or blog or whatever you want to call it was created and designed to thrill all my fellow Man U fans and all lovers of football or soccer (as the Americans call the game)

I hope you enjoy my articles and pictures of the campaigns – home and away matches – of a club dear to my heart.

It will be interesting for all the visitors and readers of this site to know that even if Man United goes to relegation (God forbid!), I shall follow them to the relegation zone.

Watch out for my posts.

Up Man U!


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